Ways Geolocation Advertising Is Shifting Marketing

25 Jun

Statistics show that the number of smartphone users will be about 6.1 million by 2020. For the advertising world, this is a goldmine. Such figures mean that they can focus their products within their area. Geolocation advertising, also referred to as Adwords is a form of advertising that aims at specific regions through their smartphones.

Geolocation is set to revolutionize the marketing world in years to come. Some possible predictions are discussed in the following points. One way marketing is expected to change through this mode of advertising is through specified data collection. As a business person, you can only reach out to your customers when you know what they want. You can only know that when you have accurate data. When you understand your clients’ needs, you are in a better position of creating a winning strategy.

Sellers can also base their ads according to weather conditions. For example, if you sell cold beverages on hot days, you can notify the locals of some fresh fruit juice or iced tea. On cold days, they get to learn what is on offer to keep them warm. This can apply even to apparel stores. Let the customers know of those warm clothes or light clothes depending on the current weather.

Also, this advertising method enables you to collect data regarding customer buying patterns and thereby creating alerts whenever a client is new to your shop. Generally, these apps are ideal for potential buyers, so shop owners can incorporate AI skills to notify buyers when certain products are available at their store.

In politics, those viewing for sits can use this technology to campaign to the locals. America’s past elections made the maximum use of geolocation. Voters were able to engage those campaigning even to the point of voting. Politicians can gather all crucial data from the local areas and also send out any information needed to the voters.

You know that buyers do not easily trust sellers with their private information. Therefore, they will be very reluctant to release any information. Instead of going through such problems, geolocation effortlessly collects the needed information for marketing reasons.

If you have not yet tried geolocation, you should try it. Not doing so only drags your business behind when the rest are making sales. Of course, there are fears about privacy leakage. However, if a company is solely using these data for marketing purposes, there shouldn’t be any worry. Look for more details here.

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